I totally forgot to upload this clip of Celia putting her little feet in the ocean for the first time. The voice you here in the video is my lovely sister, Tori. Thanks for capturing this!

Also here’s some footage of Celia Rose
just melting mama and dada’s heart.
Those baby laughs just get ya!

On another note, I found out that we won’t be getting the digital files for our professional wedding photos until six months after the wedding- SIX MONTHS?! What a bummer. I put an album on facebook of the pictures people sent me from their phones… maybe I’ll do a wedding post with those… or just wait it out. I don’t know. 6 months seems so far away. Then again I’m going to have a 6 month old in a few weeks. How’d that happen? I blinked and half a year went by. And oh so much has changed!


xoxo Liz

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6 thoughts on “HALF A YEAR?!

  1. I LOVE THOSE VIDEOS! She is so precious! Nothing like a baby’s laughter. I got a laughing video of Corinne this week, also. I am one happy Grandma/Great Grandma!

  2. I can’t believe it’s been half a year!!! That’s crazy to think about. I love visiting you three you’re the cutest fam!:)

    Love always g-ma Laura

  3. I love her laugh!!! I was having a bad day and heard that giggle and it instantly put me in a better mood!!! I love and miss you!!!!

  4. Love the giggling!! She is so adorable!! You can tell her when she grows up that the first time she put her feet in salt water was in the Gulf of Mexico!!! Keep the posts coming and I can’t believe it takes 6 months for you to get your pics!! LOVE YOU ALL! xoxoxo

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