I never knew having you could be this incredible. I keep expecting the euphoria to wear off, but each day I am more and more in love with you. I keep whispering to you, telling you to slow down. Stop growing so fast. Stay little. At night I bring you into bed to nurse and keep you there long after you’ve fallen asleep. I trace your features with my fingertips, I follow the lines of your lips, brush my hand across your soft cheeks. I desperately try to cement the feeling in my memory.

No matter how many photos I take, I can never experience these moments again. It makes me sad knowing you will only be a baby for the fraction of my time with you. A baby who is so sweet and helpless that I’d give up every comfort for yours. My love for you is set, there is no breaking it. My heart is left completely vulnerable. And it is both wonderful and frightening all at the same time.

As I’m writing this now, you lay sleeping soundly beside me. I pray that someday when you hold your own child, you will have a small understanding of the love I feel for you now. That way, this moment never really has to end.


I love you to the moon and back baby girl!
xoxo Mommy

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