Age: 1 month old
Weight: 8lbs 7.5oz
Height: 21.5 inches

Milestones: First real smile! And it was on her first holiday- Halloween! I was talking to her and taking pictures. She was making her usual sounds and focusing on me which I love. Her eyes go wide and she purses her lips. And then she smiled at me and it absolutely melted my heart. All caught on camera!


Sleep: Celia Rose is a sleeping champ! She likes it best all snuggled up with someone. She can sleep through tons of people passing her around, loud music playing, Daddy cheering for the Pats but when it comes to placing her in her crib. Forget it! She wakes right up and demands to be snuggled some more. But when we finally get her down for the night she will sleep for 5-6 hours. Can’t ask for anything better!

2013-10-05 20.47.15(little pumpkin was just 4 days old here)

Best Moment: It’s really hard to pick just one! I love everything she does. All the faces and noises she makes. Her contagious yawns and how I could just watch her sleep for hours. This whole month has been filled with the best moments of my life as I get to know my little girl.

Worst Moment: There really hasn’t been any really bad moments yet. She’s been spitting up a lot so I guess you could say it’s pretty frustrating when you put a new outfit on and she goes all Linda Blair on you.

Here’s a little video so you can get a little glimpse
at what I mean by best and worst moments.

Eating: Breastfeeding has been (painful) harder than I thought. For me, not her. But I love the bonding time and providing nutrition for her in the best way I can, so we’re keeping at it. And she’s gaining weight and filling out her newborn clothes now. Time to move to the 0-3 month clothes soon! She also does about 2oz of formula at night- which is probably why she sleeps so well!

Health: We had a little bit of a jaundice scare at the beginning. She was a lot higher than most newborns. But we fed her frequently and she got some sunlight so it cleared up fast. Other than that her doctor says she’s perfect. And we couldn’t agree more or be more thankful. We are so blessed!

Things I Want To Remember: Everything! Every. little. thing. I want to remember her on my chest for the first time. Her meeting family and friends. Her first bath. The face she makes when she’s falling asleep. All the faces she makes. The noise she makes when she’s satisfied. All the noises she makes. Watching her with daddy. Her first holiday. Her first football Sunday. How little she really is (pictures just don’t capture it). The way it feels when she’s sleeping on me. Her sneezes. Her hiccups. Everything.


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