Age: 3 months old
Weight: 10+ lbs
Height: 23+ inches
(these are just my estimates; her next doctor’s appointment is her 4 month checkup in February)

Watch Me Grow:


Milestones: She started laughing earlier this month although I didn’t know it at the time. She would do this little cough when she was super smiley and then I realized it was her trying to laugh. And on December 22nd, Quay and I got engaged on our 3 year anniversary and she gave us her first real belly laugh. It is currently my favorite sound in the whole wide world. Celia also hit another milestone just last night. She rolled over for the first time on New Year’s Eve. She is strong as an ox now. We even put her in the exersaucer this week and she did awesome! I’m one proud mama!


Sleep: Celia’s still been doing 7-9 hours at night in her crib. She’ll wake up around 7am, I nurse her and she falls back to sleep for a few more hours. We’ve now ditched the SwaddleMes and just put her in a Sleepsack which she transitioned to like a pro. During the day she does about 2-3 naps; a morning, afternoon and sometimes a short evening one.

Best Moment: Celia’s first trip to the Big Apple. We went the weekend before Christmas (like Quay and I have done for the past four years) and the weather was phenomenal- high of 70 degrees! We were able to stroll around with her easily and she saw Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Grand Central. She was mesmerized by all the city lights. Definitely fun to experience that with her even at 12 weeks old.


Worst Moment: I’d have to say when she sticks out her bottom lip and gives me the saddest face ever. It breaks my heart every time! And she has already started using it to get her way. She’ll be sitting in your lap and then give you a little fake cry and as soon as you stand her up, she’s all smiles. She has definitely been showing a lot more personality with her preferences.


Eating: Our schedule has been so hectic this holiday season so somehow we got on a routine of me nursing her every morning and then again before bed (sometimes once during the day as well). The rest of the time she gets 4-6oz of formula. It’s not what I had originally planned but it works for us and I’m happy with it.

Health: She is a drooling machine! Her doctor had said last month that may mean she will be ready for solid food very soon. And I think she might even start teething early. She has recently found her hands and absolutely loves chowing down on them. As well as her Sophie giraffe.


Things I Want To Remember: She met some new friends and family this month. One of which was her godfather Mike. He claims she’s the first baby he’s held. She took to him right away and was all smiles. They both were and it’s definitely a moment I don’t want to forget.



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3 thoughts on “THREE MONTH UPDATE

  1. This is the happiest part of my day!!! I love reading about my new little friend!!! Love you all!!!!

  2. Happy New Year, Celia Rose! So now you are 3 months old. Still just an infant but developing so fast. I can tell by your facial expressions you love Mommy and Daddy very much!

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