How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days (Okay so I’m a little behind & pretty much 37 weeks but we have entered the 9th month!)

How big is baby? The size of a large cantaloupe, weighing in around 6 lbs and measuring 19-22 inches.

Gender? GIRL 

Maternity clothes? Living in tank tops & comfy shorts. Also bathing suits. I understand why all the mamas with summer babies always give a sympathetic response when I tell them I’m due in August.

Sleep? A lot more tossing & turning to get comfortable or lying awake debating whether I have to pee bad enough to actually get out of bed. Which is a pretty comical sight these days.

Best moment this week? I had to get monitored at the hospital this week due to some high blood pressure but everything turned out fine which was such a relief. The best part was seeing our little darling girl moving around & doing great!

Miss anything? Energy. I’ve been sneaking in tons of nap with little miss Celia these days. Which I hate/love doing. There is just so much I need to get done before baby #2 arrives (we’ve been procrastinating so much this time around) but snuggling with my first born is just too good to pass up.

Movement? Lots of big pokes that make my whole belly move, always looks so funny & I’m always wondering if other people notice it.

Food cravings? Nothing in particular… although I did have a dream the other night of an ice cream sundae topped with pickles & I’m really debating following through on that… weird?!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Mostly just heartburn once in awhile. They say that means lots of hair & considering I had none with Celia who came out with a full head of black hair- I must be having a wookie this time ;)

Looking forward to? Baby day! With the hospital stay scare it just makes me feel like we are oh so close & that just maybe this little girl will be arriving a little earlier than expected. We shall see! :)


I also have to add a little sneak peek of the beautiful photos my friend, Derek, took for us a few weeks ago. I’ll be sure to share some more soon. I’ll have a little more downtime these next couple of weeks, that is if baby #2 stays cooking a little longer. I had my last day of work today so I can rest up & take in these last moments with an only child!


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  1. Just love, love, love this Payden family!!! I’m so excited, can barely wait any longer! I offer to be the ‘Gofor’ for anything you need!!! Love – Gma XOXO!

  2. Can’t wait for baby number two. Have you picked out a name yet? Hope all goes well for you and baby. We will be thinking about.

  3. Love these updates! Was great to see you all. Looking forward to seeing Baby #2 in person!!!

  4. August 3rd sounds good!!!! Love all these updates especially when we are in Fl. Hope she doesn’t keep you waiting much longer but she will come when she’s ready!! Can’t wait to see her and Celia together!!!!

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