I gave Quay the task of writing Celia’s birth story… not sure when we’ll see that post. Probably by her 1st birthday. Kidding. He’s just working super duper hard on it! He gave me a sneak preview and it’s pretty awesome. So in the meantime I’ll give you all what you’ve been waiting for. A little dose of Celia Rose!

My favorite thing these days are our morning snuggles.


Along with these smiles that she now gives out so generously.


And of course I could just stare at this sleeping babe all day.


I think I can finally say she’s worn all her newborn clothes at least once. Not bad, lucky girl! Just in time too because she’s outgrowing them quick. She’s got a few 0-3 pieces but her 3 month clothes are still way too big on her. Can’t wait to get into them though- a whole new cute and girly wardrobe just waiting for her. Thank you to everyone who contributed to it! You’ve made her quite the fashionista!


Not to mention she’s going through multiple outfits a day now. Yay for spit up! And diaper explosions! I think I’ll end it on that note ;)

xoxo Liz

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