I’ve been SO busy between Celia, wedding plans, new home, packing… but I did want to leave you with with just a quick update before we leave on Friday for Florida because we won’t be back until the 24th. My Instagram pictures that I recently took on my phone will have to do!

IMG_3169 IMG_3170 IMG_1449 IMG_3112 IMG_3179 IMG_0075

As you can see, Celia Rose cannot wait to go have some fun in the sun!

xoxo Liz Ventura
(YES, I did just add my last name. Next time I post I won’t be a Ventura anymore!)

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3 thoughts on “INSTA-UPDATE

  1. I love the pictures! …and I know you will have the best time in Florida!! First you will have a week’s vacation ~ and then THE BIG DAY! It’s all so exciting!
    So to you, Quay and Celia Rose, I LOVE YOU!

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