Hello 2014! I’ve decided to do something different this year. Instead of the long list of resolutions that I never accomplish- I’m going to give myself just one thing. Or one word, I should say. FREEZE! Yep. That’s it, that’s my word for 2014.

After I post this I’m going to go and write this word down in places I’ll find it later. It will remind me that I need to stop and soak up the moment. I need to take in my little baby and just stare and play and be in awe of how wonderful and small she is. Not for Facebook, or Instagram, Twitter or True Love Grows. But for me. She won’t be my little baby forever. She’s already 3 months old and so much bigger than that tiny newborn I held in the hospital. I don’t want to miss anything because I’m staring down at a phone or scrolling on my computer. So for 2014 I’m going to make sure I FREEZE! and ask myself if at that moment my time would be better spent not on social media.

Of course I don’t mean to eliminate any of these things. I love updating you all as well as seeing your updates and comments. I just mean a little less screen time and a little more of this:


xoxo Liz

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3 thoughts on “FREEZE!

  1. I love the idea of “Freeze” I am going to do he same thing and rember the good and by pass the bad! Love ya!!!!!

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