Age: 4 months old
Weight: 13 lbs 10 oz
Height: 25 inches

Watch Me Grow:


Milestones: She can grab her toys (and her personal favorite: my hair) like a pro now. She also can roll over from back to front and during tummy time she can turn all the way around to face the opposite direction if she wants. Makes me think she might crawl early! Celia Rose is also a lot more chatty. She pretty much says it all in this video.

Sleep: She goes to bed around 8pm and will sleep until 7:30am which is around the time Quay wakes up for work. We’re starting to get more of a nap routine during the day. She usually goes down for an hour in the morning, again around 1 and then a shorter one in the early evening.

Best Moment: Moving closer to Daddy’s work. No more 1 hour commute, he comes right home to us. And Celia loves having more time with him. They’re my world.


Worst Moment: My poor baby had a really bad diaper rash for about a week. So hard to see her in pain. We tried all the diaper creams and none seemed to help. Finally we came up with a concoction of Desitin, Aquaphor and Lotrimin. And it did the trick!

Eating: She is now doing all formula. Seeing as how I just got a little teary-eyed typing that sentence, I think I’ll write a post about my thoughts on that later. We also tried some rice cereal last weekend! She seemed to like it but she kept pushing it back out with her tongue. We’re going to keep practicing.


Health: Doctor says she’s growing perfectly (38% for weight, 69% for height). She also got 3 more shots today and took them like an absolute champ- no tears!


Things I Want To Remember: I want to remember how it feels when she falls asleep on me. Feeling her little heart beat against my chest, her tiny baby hands that she wraps around my finger, the small baby breaths whispering in and out… I  know I say this every month but she’s growing so fast. I need to find the pause button. Before I know it she’ll be pushing me away saying “No nap!”


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4 thoughts on “FOUR MONTH UPDATE

  1. I am glad you found time to give us an update with your latest post. You’ve been so busy with your wedding plans (yeah!) and moving!
    It’s fascinating to see the changes in Celia Rose, especially with her sucking her thumb and making all those noises. She’s always so happy and content!
    Keep the posts coming and give Celia Rose the biggest kiss from me.
    Love you all – gma

  2. The video with her talking is the cutest! Poppi and I LOVED IT. Can’t wait to see her again. She is getting so big!

  3. I wish so much that I could be there to hold her and kiss her. I hope to be out east sometime this year. In the mean time I want you to know how much I appreciate the pictures and info. Love – Mary

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