Four years ago, Quay took me on our first official date to see one of my favorite bands in New York City. It was the weekend before Christmas and every year we’ve gone back for a little weekend getaway. This year we were not going to go but when I heard that a band, who I absolutely love and who rarely tours, were playing a show close to NYC, I couldn’t resist. So we brought along my sisters, Tori and Maggie, to babysit Celia while we were at the show. The next day, on our anniversary December 22nd, we toured the city. Quay had planned for just the two of us to go to the Top of the Rock. And it was there on the rooftop of 30 Rockefeller Center overlooking the city, Quay got down on one knee. He had caught me by surprise, especially because we had to go through a metal detector and empty our pockets! I said yes, of course! And little did I know that he had even more planned. I had started to notice a flash getting closer and closer. At first I thought it was a tourist trying to take pictures of the view and was like “Geez, gotta get outta this guy’s way!” But I looked closer and it was our good friend Gene! He lives in Brooklyn and Quay asked him to secretly take photographs of the big moment. How awesome is that?! It was one of the best days of my life and now I’ll have these pictures to look back on.

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Thanks again Gene for the beautiful photos!
xoxo Liz

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  1. OK, I am wiping my eyes so I can see what I am typing! Way to go, Quay! How romantic! You will always have that wonderful memory.

  2. Omg contests Liz. I remember the day you were born and now u are all grown up. I wish you all the best. Love ya

  3. Quay, you’re the best ~ and very romantic!
    Elizabeth, you and Quay are very fortunate to have each other! and
    Gene, thanks for all the great pictures!

  4. Nice work Quay. What a special day you are both sure to remember forever! Congratulations!!

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