Celia Rose’s Christening

Even before Celia, Quay and I had conversations on whether or not religion is something we wanted to implement in our children’s lives. We’ve always felt it would be a positive thing. That’s exactly what July 13, 2014 was. Such a warm welcome for Celia into the Christian faith surrounded by so many loved ones. ¬†She was baptized at St. Gregory’s followed by such a wonderful celebration at Quay’s mother’s house. She did such an amazing job and we are so grateful. It was a beautiful day. And it was all captured by the lovely photographer, Jane Lauren.

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xoxo Liz

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4 thoughts on “Celia Rose’s Christening

  1. Thank you to all our friends & family who were apart of Celia’s special day. If anyone would like any of the photos in their original size just let us know! – Quay & Liz

  2. This was such a beautiful day for Celia and family and friends! So happy to be a part of it. Thank you Coco for you wonderful hospitality!
    Love you all – GMA!

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