Celia LOVES the snow & I mean LOVES. snow snow1

The day of the blizzard she wouldn’t stop looking out the window saying “TOW! TOW!” She really wanted us to take her out in that ‘tow’ ASAP, windspeed of 50+ mph and all. Of course we waited…


& when we did go out my little marshmallow had a blast. Every time she fell she needed a helping hand. It was hilariously cute. Bauer wasn’t a fan of all the snow at first but he got used to it fast & enjoys catching a snowflake or two in his mouth. snow4 snow3 snow2 snow5

Celia even got to do a little sledding. Love the picture above of her & Uncle Ryan. What’s even cooler is my sister Maggie captured her first time sledding on video when we were up in Boston last weekend. Great job, Gigi!

This little girl certainly isn’t minding the weather lately. She pretty much throws a fit every time we come in because she wants to just keep playing in the ‘tow’. As for me I’m throwing a fit over this snow for other reasons. 4 MORE DAYS until we leave for Florida. The snow on Monday better not mess with our flight!


xoxo Liz

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  1. She is amazing! Keith and I are planning to go out east in May. As soon as I know the dates I will let you know. I just can’t wait to meet Miss Cecil Rose! Love the pictures.

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