As some of you may already know


is where Quay and I will be getting married.


We decided to have an intimate ceremony with immediate family on the beach of Boca Grande, Florida. We’ve had a vacation planned with my mom, stepdad and siblings to visit my grandparents and aunt for awhile now. And since Quay’s mother will be renting a place down there for the month anyway… we figured it was meant to be. Our dads and Quay’s sister will be flying down as well.


We are so very excited and plan to celebrate back home this summer with all our family and friends who couldn’t make it. Oh and by the way, we’re driving down. 9 of us and this little cherub.


Talk about last minute. We leave in 2 weeks! Wish us luck!

xoxo Liz

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2 thoughts on “2.22.14

  1. I love you and I wish you the very best life has to offer! I am so happy for you, Quay and Celia.
    You, my Cutie, have grown up!
    You and your wedding will be absolutely beautiful!
    So good luck, be safe and remember how much I love you!

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